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Our Services

Inspire the Youth works directly with care management organizations to provide various services for youths between the ages of 5 and 21. 


We carefully pair youths with mentors who can meet their individual needs. This can include anything from rectifying behavioral challenges, to helping with college preparations, job-coaching, and encouraging community involvement. Our mentors ultimately become a special source of one-on-one support for the youths they’re paired with. They create relationships that provide youths with a caring adult that they can trust will guide them towards their personal success.


IIC services are specific, goal-oriented, and needs-based clinical interventions that focus on the youth’s emotional and behavioral challenges. Our IIC clinicians work with the youth and their families to provide interventions, which aim to prevent the escalation of these challenges and fundamentally improve family functioning and dynamics. Interventions can include the development and refinement of conflict resolution and coping skills, psychological education, stress management, self-command, and emotional control.


Biopsychosocial assessments are conducted face to face with the youth prior to treatment. The assessments consist of a series of questions that aim to acquire information about the youth’s psychological and social challenges. These questions are designed to determine the youth’s need for treatment, as well as their eligibility to receive services from Children’s System of Care.

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